About me

My name is Rafael Caniçal, and I'm 24. I live near a town called Lourinhã in Portugal and I'm currently working at Velcro Design, in Lisbon. At Velcro, I mainly develop PHP Apps and Websites.

Apart from work, I'm an adventurer and explorer. I practice parkour since 2007 and I really love the discipline. I like to travel, write, read, cinema and many many other kinds of art.

Less, but better

Dieter Rams said it first, and I can’t say it any better. Remove distractions to communicate the important.

Backend Coding

I'm passionate about backend development. It is where my favorite challenges are, logical and rational. Usually I go with PHP (Laravel and others) and Go.

Frontend Design

I like coding my own designs. I implement using HTML, CSS and basic Javascript. Recently, I'm using frameworks like Vue.js and Angular.