Academia Spotreal

Spot Real is a the first Parkour and Freenrunning Academy Gym in Portugal, co-founded by four experienced athletes in Lisbon, Portugal. Since I have a connection to the sport I offered my services to develop a reduced cost solution. This project consisted in a main website, and a place for newcomers to register for gym classes.

Website and forms

The primary objective was to create a form for the application to the classes, this was live before the main website. The rest of the project consisted on the creation of a website with the main information about the gym and all its infrastructures, like the materials, schedules and prices. 

Although the main color of the Academy is the orange, I opted for not using it much. Maintaining a simpler and cleaner look with shades of gray. The color itself is given by the photographies scattered on every page. Since the form page is only one page, I made some modern animations to be more appellative.